Peanut Choco Cake


Cocoa layers with almonds, peanut butter frosting, and chocolate glaze.

* For decoration we use seasonal fruits and nuts. If you want something different from this decoration, please write it in the "comment" when completing the order or contact us.


Why to choose this one?

Because you love peanut butter. And you find its combination with chocolate as a Choco Killer!

Because you like the fact that it's gluten-free, and you're wondering if it would taste like an ordinary, sweet enough chocolate cake.

We confirm - it's sweet enough, it's very chocolate and it's really soo tasty!

And after the secret of the "Peanut Choco Cake" was mentioned - the combination of chocolate and peanut butter, it is ridiculous to convince you that.. it must be the ONE !

For the ones decided to have that cake and for all those who are still wondering if this is the ONE, we will try to be clearer, albeit only in words:

It's called "Peanut Choco Cake" and it's so yummy! The cacao layers are with small pieces of almonds and a slight taste of coffee. The frosting- with peanut butter. The glaze- with Belgian natural chocolate.

Leaving the taste aside (as much as we don't want to), we will also talk about the ingredients. The "Peanut Choko Cake" does not contain white wheat flour and gluten. Accordingly, it is suitable for people who for health reasons should not consume it, as well as for all those who avoid it for personal reasons.

The gluten-free chocolate cake is sweetened with chocolate (we hardly surprised you), as well as with unrefined brown sugar.

Peanut butter - the ingredient that makes the cake taste so amazing is among the foods with the highest content of resveratrol - a natural plant antibiotic that is produced by some plants. It is believed that the molecule of this substance has a number of benefits - anti-cancer, anti-aging, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, protects the nervous system, slows aging and others. In addition, foods such as peanut butter, rich in monounsaturated fatty acids , are thought to stimulate the lowering of bad cholesterol and thus reduce heart risk.

Ingredients: unrefined brown sugar, milk, cow's butter, almonds, peanut butter, eggs, natural Belgian chocolate, rice flour, cocoa, coconut flour, vanilla, leavening agent, instant coffee

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