Raw Cake "Wonderful Chocolate"

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Nut base layer, chocolate vegan cream with bananas and hazelnut tahini, and homemade chocolate glaze.

* For decoration we use seasonal fruits and nuts. If you want something different from this decoration, please write it in the "comment" when completing the order or contact us.


Why to choose this one?

Because it is really wonderful. And also there is chocolate.

It's vegan. It's raw. It is sugar-free. It is gluten free. And it is irresistibly delicious!

One of the customers' favorite!

It is the one!

Nut layer, and on it generously spread rich chocolate cream with bananas. And above it ... oh, above it we apply one of our principles: if there is chocolate, there must be a lot of chocolate! That's why the "wonderful" vegan cake is covered with chocolate glaze,of course - homemade. And gorgeous . As is the cake itself!

So, do you guess how it could be even tastier (yes, it can be!)?

With the incredibly delicious Hazelnut Tahini !

So.. yes! Banana, chocolate, and hazelnuts. More than "wonderful" and certainly not just a cake!

Bananas contain magnesium and zinc , which promote light and beneficial sleep. The iron content makes them suitable for consumption by people suffering from anemia. In addition, they help regulate blood pressure and have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system as a whole.

Hazelnuts are rich in B vitamins , as well as important minerals , and are also a good source of fiber.


Gluten free.

Sweeteners: dates and agave


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1 review for Сурова торта „Чудна шоколадова“

  1. Diana -

    I ordered the birthday cake. Soft and balanced taste of chocolate, hazelnuts and banana, which are gently complemented. Light, juicy and pleasant. The swamp is unique, you can feel small pieces of hazelnuts. It's not heavy, everyone liked it, it's worth a try.

    • jcakes -

      Thank you so much!

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