Fruit Cupcakes with Chocolate (seasonal)


Pumpkin and orange cupcakes, chocolate-pumpkin frosting, and chocolate glaze.



Why are they amazing?

Because you love pumpkin. Even more - pumpkin with chocolate. Moreover, Belgian chocolate.

Now your favorite combination is embodied in extremely juicy cupcakes with pumpkin and cheese frosting and chocolate glaze... with more chocolate.

With an aftertaste of autumn, coziness, and love; on paths strewn with golden leaves, and the smell of cinnamon around each dessert - the most wonderful time to enjoy a divinely delicious cupcake.

Ingredients: pumpkin, eggs, cream cheese, Belgian natural chocolate, dates, spelled flour, honey, grape seed oil, fresh orange juice, milk, fresh orange peels, leavening agent, cinnamon, vanilla

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Cereals containing gluten, Milk and milk products, Soy and soy products, Eggs and egg products


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