We usually need it поне от 2-3 работни дни за изпълнение of your orders.

You can take your order on the spot in our cake shop in Plovdiv, zh.k. Trakiya, bl. 104A.

Furthermore we deliver cakes and desserts within the city of Plovdiv. Delivery is made to convenient for you time range.

Value orders under BGN 99 are priced at delivery BGN 6 , a over this amount delivery is free.

Orders with delivery outside Plovdiv, we send by Econt at your expense. The price of delivery depends on the tariffs of Econt.

When delivered with Econt, unfortunately we cannot guaranteethat you will receive your order in speciesin which we sent it to you. That is why we advise you to use this method of delivery rather for desserts and cupcakes without glaze.