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Our cakes are:

With quality ingredients

We use wholemeal flours, raw nuts, Belgian chocolate, tahini, and lots of fruit!


Desserts are prepared just for YOU. Right before you taste them!


If you have specific requirements or you can't consume any products, we will prepare a personal dessert for you!

Cakes are suitable for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, christening or any other special occasion you want to make even sweeter ... if you ever need a reason to give yourself a cake :).

We believe that every person , no matter what preferences and health problems they have, should be able to bring sweetness into their everyday life, with (at least) a piece of cake! That's why we offer vegan cakes, gluten-free cakes, keto cakes, sugar-free cakes, etc.

Our catalog includes cakes with baked layers and raw cakes ! The main similarities between them are three: they are divinely delicious , they are made with high quality ingredients and always a lot of love :))

We select the ingredients extremely carefully, focusing only on quality ones. We do not add white wheat flour, white refined sugar (except that contained in some types of chocolate), harmful colorings and enhancers.

For decoration we use seasonal fruits, nuts, chocolate, flowers. At your request, the cake can have an inscription or other special decoration.

The standard cakes are:

  • small (8 pieces)
  • medium (12 pieces)
  • large (16 pieces)

We can make a cake in a larger size, after prior communication about your preferred type and number of pieces.

Десертите ги правим по поръчка за град Пловдив, направена минимум 3 дни работни дни предварително!

*Cakes are NOT prepared in an environment, completely isolated from milk/eggs and gluten-containing products!