Keto Chocolate Cheesecake


Ядкова основа, чийз шоколадов крем, маслен крем с кокос и завършек кокос и парченца шоколад (без захар).


Why this one?

Because there is chocolate. It's cheesecake. And there is not a gram of sugar !

So creamy, so airy and chocolate. One of our favorites!

The nut base with almond flour is combined with tender chocolate cheese cream, маслен крем с кокос, and finally -кокос и парченца шоколад without sugar. Divinely delicious!

Gluten free.

Sugar free.


Подсладители: еритритол, шоколад без захар

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Milk and milk products, Soy and soy products, Nuts, Eggs and egg products

Raw or baked

Cakes with baked layers


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