Keto Cake "Raspberry Biscuit"


Biscuit layers, chocolate mousse and homemade raspberry jam.

* For decoration we use seasonal fruits and nuts. If you want something different from this decoration, please write it in the "comment" when completing the order or contact us.


Why to choose this one?

You love eating biscuits! But this one is so much more - a combination of favorite flavors, each giving its own strong note, and yet gently complementing the rest! Biscuit layers, chocolate mousse and homemade raspberry jam… so tempting! And there is no sugar. Even no gluten. How couldn't it be the one?

Because you're on keto. Or maybe you are not - but this "keto" sounds like something you haven't tried, and it's about time!

Because … should there always be a reason for everything? It just looks delicious and you want to try it. It's just a cake, no surprises and that's it.

And yet: how come there's no gluten, no sugar, and it's a cake, and it's supposed to be sweet, and what's there!?

We explain. Our gluten-free and sugar-free "Raspberry Biscuit" is great, and you'd hardly know it's keto if we hadn't already mentioned it in the name.

Първо – за кето най-накратко. Това е хранителен режим, който стана известен последните години. Представлява диета с много ниско съдържание на въглехидрати и високо съдържание на мазнини. Съответно, кето десертите ни ограничават в избора на съставки, като така предизвикват креативността ни! Без пълнозърнесто, лимецово, царевично и много други брашна. Използват се главно ядкови, защото са богати на мазнини. Без фурми, мед, агаве, кокосова захар и подобни подсладители. Влага се главно еритритол!

„Малинова бисквитка“ е подсладена с еритритол и шоколад без захар. Дори сладкото е домашно и грижливо приготвено, за да сме 100% сигурни в състава му!

Erythritol е захарен алкохол, който is obtained from completely natural raw materials - from plants that contain starch such as corn, tapioca and others. Erythritol does not contain calories and does not increase glucose and insulin levels. Also protects against caries and diseases of the oral cavity.

Almond flour, in addition to its incredible taste, fascinates with its abundance of quality ingredients! Almonds contain vitamins B1, B2, B9, vitamin E. Almonds are rich in the minerals calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc, and are also a good source of fiber. Almond flour is suitable for those suffering from gluten intolerance and for all who avoid gluten, as it does not contain gluten.



Sugar free.

Gluten free.

Подсладител – еритритол и шоколад без захар.

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