Raw Cake "Snickers"


Nut base, chocolate-peanut creams with cashews, nougat cream with peanuts, and homemade chocolate glaze.

* For decoration we use seasonal fruits and nuts. If you want something different from this decoration, please write it in the "comment" when completing the order or contact us.


Why this one?

Because it's you, even when you're hungry. But you just feel 100 times more amazing while eating cake :). And 200 times better if it is "Snickers"!

Because it is amazing - so tasty, and with carefully selected ingredients. Peanuts, chocolate, nougat cream ... everything needed to make it "Just wow!" And it's even without sugar. And it's even raw !

Because it's Snickers. That is it. It is just the ONE.

Did we mention it's "Just wow"?

We start from the top down. Firstly the chocolate glaze is homemade. And is soo good! Just next to it is thevanilla cream. Perfectly combined with the glaze, and with what is set underneath: a thick layer of nougat cream, liberally sprinkled with roasted peanuts! You think it can't get any better? It always can be. Especially when more chocolate can be added. And even a whole chocolate layer ! And all that bliss starts with a nut base layer – slightly crunchy and perfectly balanced with the vanilla, chocolate, nougat cream, and chocolate glaze!

"Snickers" contains both peanuts and peanut butter. But why do we repeat ourselves?

Peanuts are a wonderful source of minerals such as iron, phosphorus and magnesium. In addition, they are rich in B vitamins (mostly B1, B3 and B9). They have a low glycemic index and a low glycemic charge.


Gluten free.

Подсладители: фурми и мед.

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Milk and milk products, Peanuts and their products, Nuts

Raw or baked

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