Chocolate Cake "Favourite"


Chocolate layers, white chocolate frosting, and chocolate glaze.

* For decoration we use сезонни плодове. If you want something different from this decoration, please write it in the "comment" when completing the order or contact us.


Why to choose this one?

Because it is so DELICIOUS! And made of chocolate. And if you want a cake and if you love chocolate it's really hard not to be the ONE!

Chocolate "Favourite" will win your heart and palate (and how could it not?!) with the irresistible combination of chocolate layers, white chocolate frosting, and chocolate glaze that make it even taster!

In other words… THIS ONE is for true chocolate lovers who would eat chocolate with chocolate and .. more chocolate!

For those who want to stick their fork in the piece (or the cake) and see how it slowly passes through the creamy glaze with white chocolate. It pays special attention to the rich chocolate layer and gently passes through the white chocolate frosting . And so to the end. While at the same time the air around you is so strongly filled with the smell of chocolate and fruit (from the decoration) that you already have the feeling that you have tried it! But when you actually do it, the real celebration begins! Even if there is not such… :)

Like all the cakes we offer, "Favourite" is prepared with extremely carefully selected, high-quality and healthier ingredients proving that we can consume sweets with pleasure and without feeling heavy (of course - if we don't overdo it) and discomfort – a common problem after eating traditional desserts!

The cake is sweetened with Belgian natural chocolate, Belgian white chocolate, and dates. Dates improve digestion as they are rich in fibers and are good for the heart, and the magnesium it contains helps regulate blood pressure. The presence of vitamin B6 in them has a beneficial effect on brain activity.


Съдържа глутен!

Подсладители – фурми и белгийски шоколад.

Не съдържа ядки.

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